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"CNS Group exists so that our clients don't have to worry about the security of their data. We do this by knowing how to worry about it for them".

Kevin Dowd, Group Chairman.

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An Introduction to CNS Group

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The CNS Code

Focused, dedicated and responsive

CNS Group gives its clients access to the most dedicated experts in Information Assurance and IT Security.

The Group aims to ensure focus and specialisation within its companies in order that each group company is second to none and brimming with excellence, experience and enthusiasm. CNS' customers vary in size, from FTSE 100 and large public sector organisations to SMEs, but are united in the importance of digital information to their business and in their desire for pragmatic, knowledgeable help in securing their systems and data and meeting their connectivity requirements.

By working with us, you can be assured of access to the latest security intelligence; to an understanding of the latest regulatory requirements; and to experts in IT security and Information Assurance. 

The Group’s clear mission statement is to save our client’s time, worry and expense by remaining at their side; helping them to build, manage and continually improve their IT business systems with confidence.

The CNS Code

The CNS Group board continually strives to promote a strong working ethic across all areas of CNS Group's business operation. This culture, which underpins our approach, has helped CNS to achieve excellence through collective effort, mutual support and a willingness to share expertise.  The board is committed to working with the CNS' Senior Management Teams and staff alike, to continue providing excellent services to its highly valued client base in response to an ever changing landscape of business challenges. 

Our key values:

To be responsive: to our customers at all times, no news isn't good news.

To be adaptable: to ever changing: threats, market conditions, technology, user requirements, regulation, customer needs.

To be focused and dedicated: to our subject matter and our customers.

To improve; continually.

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CNS Group was founded (as Convergent Network Solutions Ltd) in 1999 by the existing executive directors to address the needs of public sector and financial organisations to secure their networks.

Today, whilst our reach, size and depth of expertise have grown, our principle aims have not; that is to provide the best, independent advice and services to keep our clients safe in a world of ever changing cyber threat.

In 2012 CNS Ltd became CNS Group establishing 2 distinct delivery businesses. CNS Hut3 is the group consultancy arm whilst CNS Mosaic focuses on Managed Security Services.

In 2014 CNS Group were invested in by telent (the large technology services provider) and remains 75% owned by employees. This gives us the  unique strength in remaining agile and specialist whilst working on significant and critical projects and infrastructure.

In 2015 CNS Group moved its Security Operations Centre to the secure facility in Camberley.

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