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CNS delivers a complete set of white labelled managed services that allows Hosting & Cloud Services providers to become and stay Secure, Compliant & Competitive.

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CNS MOSAIC can help clients in the following ways: 

  • Flexible 24x7x365 monitoring, management and on demand services. Reduced complexity and simplification of security & compliance management.
  • Reduces the cost of compliance & security. Allowing service provider to remain competitive.
  • Keep security risks to a minimum.
  • Helping a client’s security team to spend less time gathering information and more time delivering new business applications.
  • Advising client’s on efficient ways of meeting regulation and compliance mandate through smart deployment and management of IT.
  • Providing access to a pool of technical experts holding industry certifications such as CISSP, CCSP, MCSE, PCI QSA, CLAS, ISO27001 Lead Auditor as well as SC and MV cleared and trusted by government bodies.
  • No data or support is off shored – all client data is kept in the UK and all support is delivered from our UK based SOC.
  • Provides real-time visibility to Service Providers, their customers and auditors alike.
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Often service providers need to use the services and products of many vendors in order to meet the standards of PCI DSS, ISO27001 or HMG Baseline Controls sets (IL2, IL3, IL4). CNS Mosaic are able to provide fully managed, outsourced or white labelled services.

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