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Aegis - Cyber Security Maturity Benchmarking

“Organisations must continuously make prioritised, actionable cyber security decisions to improve business resilience, at the same time, adapting to emerging business objectives and the changing technology and evolving threat landscape.” 

Aegis - Helping Your Organisation Achieve Full Cyber Security!

Aegis is a new cyber security service provided by the CNS Group that employs a pragmatic risk based approach, helping your organisation to make better decisions regarding the protection of your data.

Our highly experienced team will review and assess your organisation’s risk to cybercrime to prioritise security efforts, budgets and highlight potential security gaps.  

The unique Aegis service includes access to a 24/7 real-time dashboard, which consolidates multiple sources of security data reporting and metrics into a single repository. 


Whitepaper download: Aegis - Bridging the gap between IT and the Board

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Benefits of the Aegis Cyber Security maturity Service:

  1. Independent and thorough on-going review of your organisation’s cybersecurity
    readiness and its ability to address relevant threats. 

  2. A secure dashboard, which provides a detailed insight into your organisation’s
    maturity and provides a KPI for Cyber Security.

  3. Concise and contextual security reporting to key stakeholders. So, no more guessing! 

  4. The Aegis cybersecurity service will also help to measure return on investment.

    For your organisations, this could mean a reduction in overall security spend over a three-year period.


Aegis benchmarking tool

Our CSM service, Aegis, is a benchmarking tool that CNS specialists use to work with you to measure and score your current Cyber Security Maturity against the five key domains and 73 sub-domains. 

This intelligence then provides the contextual, prioritised transformation plan for your organisation to reach its cyber security goals. Aegis’ CSM scale draws measurements from standards such as:

  • ISO 27001
  • Cyber Essentials Plus
  • (SANS/CIS/CPNI) Top 20 Critical Controls Set
  • Sarbanes Oxley
  • NCSC HMG IA Maturity Model and Risk Management Principles

Taking your first step on the Aegis programme for CSM

Initial benchmarking workshops

Four on-site workshops involving all client stakeholders, the CNS Group vCISO and relevant subject matter experts, assess the client’s current CSM using the Aegis benchmarking tool.

  • Initial cyber security (Aegis) score across five domains and 73 sub-domains
  • Normalised Aegis scores against industry and best practice standards
  • Prioritised action plan for improvement, annual access to benchmarking tool

Quarterly Benchmarking Workshops

  • On-site workshops involving all client stakeholders, CNS Group vCISO and relevant subject matter experts, assess the client’s CSM using the Aegis benchmarking tool
  • These workshops require a minimum of one, three-hour Q&A session
  • New cyber security (Aegis) score across five domains and 73 sub-domains
  • Comparison against initial and latest Aegis scores to benchmark progress
  • Prioritised action plan for improvement, annual access to benchmarking tool

Aegis Benchmarking Tool

For the duration of the contract, CNS will provide access to a dedicated client Aegis benchmarking tool. This portal allows clients to:

  • Review domain and sub-domain weightings
  • Revise answers to questions
  • Export data for specific regimes
  • Create benchmarks for ongoing comparison
  • Review questions and weightings
  • Create third party benchmarks to assess supply chain


Webinar: Aegis - How Your Organisation Can Achieve Full Cyber Security

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