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Data Integrity and Content Control

CNS Solutions Data Integrity and Content Controls Services are designed to identify and classify company data and control it as required, understanding that not all of your company’s data needs special treatment. It  also provides the means to apply policies for handling different kinds of data, based on its content and context. Our services are as follows:

Secure Email and Secure Web Gateway Controls

Our services provide ways to secure, audit and report on the status of sensitive data, and document any incidents in which the data was threatened. Content control can also be deployed in a number of ways :

  • Controlling mail content at the perimeter; therefore providing a way to monitor the data as it travels around the business, ensuring that the policy is enforced
  • Web filtering; enforcing company Internet access policy by blocking undesirable web content and monitoring Internet activity

Anti-spam controls

Unsolicited bulk e-mail has become one of the greatest plagues afflicting the Internet. The CNS Solutions Team look to remove the pain of internal teams wasting several hours each day removing unwanted spam by proposing solutions that utilise:

  • Blacklisting/whitelisting of partial or full e-mail addresses and domains
  • The ability to allow acceptance of e-mail only from certain languages, countries or regions
  • The ability for the system to automatically train itself and learn over time to recognize spam based upon your behaviour


Gateway Anti-virus & Malware detection:

Viruses are a very real threat to business and most companies are infiltrated with malware whether they know it or not. To combat such threats at the perimeter of your estate and therefore minimise the risks at the border, CNS look to deploy solutions against a comprehensive array of dynamic threats including viruses, spyware, worms, trojans and software vulnerabilities. Modern solutions will also monitor outbound communication of malware and botnets  to help cleanse a network.

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CLAS Consultant

CESG Listed Advisor Scheme

CNS employ a number of CLAS Consultants who are integral to the working practices of Hut3 and Mosaic.


All CNS Consultants have either attained or will attain the Certified Information Systems Security Professional qualification.