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Enabling & Efficiency Solutions

Emerging technologies continue to change the way business is done and have great potential to positively or negatively influence an organisations ability to enable workforce productivity, competitive edge, and as crucially, profitability. Determining the best mix of technology and deployment strategy can be the most important decision a business can make. CNS therefore work closely with their clients to extract business requirements with a view to providing solutions aimed at enabling the business to deliver its goals in the most operationally efficient way possible.


Network Readiness Assessment

CNS help clients to establish a working baseline of their network estate in order to establish their level of readiness when they are considering migrating to a new technology or rolling out a new business application.   Without the detailed information provided by a network readiness assessment it is difficult to recommend the mix of alteration, reconfiguration or upgrade needed to existing systems, policies and procedures, to provide assurance that new technologies will perform as expected. CNS consultants conduct network readiness assessments ahead of migration to new technologies such as IP telephony, collaboration, mpls, data centre, cloud and mobile computing.


Secure Mobility Services

The latest generation of mobile devices represent a number of opportunities for mobility in both private and public sector enterprises. Whether looking to use corporate owned or BYOD (bring your own device) devices dramatic improvements in security now offer a number of tangible benefits. CNS with their wealth of knowledge and experience looks to resolve the following:

  • Technology Selection – what are my business requirements and which product is best suited to meeting them?
  • Enterprise Integration – how will I integrate my mobility solution within my enterprise?
  • Security – how do you secure the data integrity and confidentiality?
  • Mobile Device Management – deployment control; who can and cannot connect?
  • Incident Escalation – stolen or lost device; what is the process  to be adhered to?
  • Application Access – applications accessed; how do you control what and when?
  • Policies and Procedures – Users, what they can and cannot do? How involved is your Compliance Department? Has anyone explained how systems will work and any potential risks?


Secure Wireless

Wireless technology has become a necessity for many. It is important that an effective and efficient system is in place to distribute data safely, securely and quickly. CNS wireless solutions are designed to improve mobility and productivity, while providing security-rich wireless access to the company network—both in and out of the office.  Our experienced consultants looks to ensure  ease of use and deployment whilst retaining maximum security (up to an including CESG Manual Y solutions)

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CLAS Consultants

CESG Listed Advisor Scheme

CNS employ a number of CLAS Consultants who are integral to the working practices of Hut3 and Mosaic.