Securing business data

LAN, WAN & Datacentre


The CNS Solutions Team has expertise and many years’ experience of designing and deploying high-end LAN, WAN and Data Centre infrastructures that are:

  • Highly available; ensuring uninterrupted delivery of business operation
  • Support unified data, voice, messaging, presence and video communications on a single IP infrastructure
  • Integrate security functions traditionally implemented in appliances to defend against malicious, sophisticated attacks and optimize application response times
  • Deliver operational excellence by delivering consistency and simplicity
  • Configured and hardened to best practice reducing the risk of compromise
  • Scalable and configured to support future capacity growth plans
  • Are appropriate and cost effective to the organisation

LAN, WAN & Datacentre

DDI (DNS/DHCP/IP Address Management)

The configuration and management of DNS, DHCP and IP addressing (known as DDI) are critical services.  The Solutions Team brings a valuable approach to DDI service delivery. The Team uses its wealth of experience to provide solutions which are scalable for dynamic  networks and high performance services.

Cambs Police

Cambridgeshire Constabulary we're in need of a team of experts to design and build a CONFIDENTIAL network for PND compliance. We didn't know when we started it would be the 1st of it's kind in the UK.
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CLAS Consultants

CESG Listed Advisor Scheme

CNS employ a number of CLAS Consultants who are integral to the working practices of Hut3 and Mosaic.


All CNS Consultants have either attained or will attain the Certified Information Systems Security Professional qualification.