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Prevention is definitely better than cure. If you're embarking on a project and you would like it to be secure speak to our experts in advance; they will point you in the right direction and ensure there is a code of security running through everything you do. It will save you money an increase the security of the end product.

Our advisory services can be used as an integral part to your organisation or on an ad-hoc basis. Between them our experts cover most bases and will be there to assist you along the way.

security management


CNS can provide training on all aspects of IA, including PCI DSS, risk assessment, general principles of IA and other subjects.

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code maintenance

Load Testing & DDoS Assurance

CNS can provide web site load testing services to model the reaction of your site.

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secure card transaction

Cyber Intelligence Network

CNS Group have developed their own Cyber Intelligence Network as part of their R&D programme.

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