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Cyber Security as a Service (CSaaS)

Our three levels of CSaaS have been expertly developed and tailored to meet your organisation's cyber security needs at the right price. Outsourcing your cyber security to us enables you to predicatively spend and mitigate your risk.

Robust Reliable Cyber Security to Suit Your Budget

Today’s organisations risk suffering significant financial, operational and reputational damage from cyber-attacks. With regulators proposing heavy fines and high-profile breaches causing significant PR damage to affected organisations, robust cyber security measures are essential for every organisation that wants to mitigate the risks it faces.

What is CSaaS?

Rather than handling your cyber security in-house where you may have limited resources and expertise, Cyber Security as a Service is cybersecurity management outsourced. With cyber security being such a key component of running an effective business and yet a highly specialist discipline, many companies struggle to find the right staff to manage this area. 51% of companies report a severe shortage of cyber security skills and retaining the kind of expertise required to manage cyber security is often challenging and expensive.

Our three levels of service have been expertly developed and tailored to meet a range of needs at the right price. While these service levels have been designed to align closely with your organisation’s needs and maturity level, they are also customisable with the addition of different technology packages and modules.

Reduce Risk and Financial Outlay by Employing Cyber Security as a Service (CSaaS)

Our clients not only reduce their risk of suffering from a cyber security incident, but also are able to demonstrate to regulators, investors, partners and their clients that they have taken appropriate measures to protect themselves and their data.

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