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We Know How to Help Airlines with PCI

CNS Group has a long track record of helping airlines and travel industry companies, from Virgin and Jet2 to Thompson, successfully overcome all obstacles in their paths to achieving PCI compliance.

Kevin Dowd, Chairman, CNS Group.


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Top 10 PCI Misconceptions

  1. The PCI Data Security Standards is only a recommendation and not a requirement
  2. Passing an ASV scan means I'm PCI compliant
  3. PCI compliance ends with a successful assessment

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Beyond BSP, ARC & GDS to PCI

Despite broad adoption of BSP (IATA's Billing & Settlement Plan system), ARC (Airline Reporting Corporation's settlement plan) and GDS (Global Distribution System, a reservation tool used for travel service bookings) across the travel industry cardholder data remains at high risk, as payment card fraud continues to plague airlines. This is why the Payment Card Industry has made it's own Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) mandatory.

Download: PCI Best Practices - Airline Industry Payment Card Fraud Prevention Best Practices


The Consequences of Non-Compliance

Despite January’s compliance deadline having passed, the risk of penalties remains. The financial, operational and reputational consequences of being found non-compliant by the card industry are tangible and sever.