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At CNS Group, we work with a number of the world's most important financial service providers, including banks, investment funds, hedge funds and many more financial institutions.

With the increase in concerted cyber attacks focused on this particular sector, we are able to provide all round solutions that provide complete cyber security to our many clients. 

With huge amounts of confidential client information it is crucial that you protect your data, your clients and your business at large. This means taking a holistic approach in order to make sure you are fully secure.

At CNS we focus on three main areas:

By working with us, you can be assured of access to the latest security intelligence; to an understanding of the latest regulatory requirements; and to experts in IT security and Information Assurance. 

Our mission is to save you time, worry and expense by remaining at your side; helping you to build, manage and continually improve your IT business systems with confidence.

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CLICK HERE to read the full case study on how CNS are protecting High Street Bank against cyber attacks

Managed Security Services

Protect your critical assets from compromise or attack whilst maintaining security compliance

Consulting and Compliance

One-to-one Security Assessment Services with our Cyber Security Specialists


Continually manage cyber risks with our Dynamic Pen Testing and Protective Services

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