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Change & Fault Managememt

Change & Fault Management

The CNS Managed Service SOC & NOC run an ITIL  compliant service which follows strict processes and procedures around change and fault management.

Fault Management.

CNS provide a technical response to the Customer either, if requested by the Customer following a report of a fault by the Customer or notification of a material adverse effect by CNS (in accordance with the device management service level and monitored Key Performance Indicators) within 2 Business Hours. CNS can dispatch an engineer to provide on-site engineering assistance within 4 Business Hours of the client or the service desk identifying the need for a site visit.

Change Management – Execution Only.

Change management defines how changes to an application, device, technology, infrastructure or project are requested, evaluated and communicated. With the execution only component change authority is not applied to incoming change requests. The Change Request Form (CRF) is assigned directly to a technical resource and the change is implemented as agreed on the form.

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Change Management – Authority and Execution.

When a change is requested, the authority process is initiated to assure that an audit trail is maintained, appropriate analysis is performed, and that decisions to accept, reject, or defer requests are conscious decisions. This ensures that best practices are adhered to and executed both appropriately and diligently. CRF’s are submitted and the authority process is initiated. Dependent on the outcome of the evaluation the CRF is approved or rejected. If rejected (with the reasoning why), it is returned to the Customer for further review and/or re-submission. If successful it is approved and the appropriate resources are assigned to conduct any necessary changes.

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