Securing business data

Device Management

Device Monitoring & Trending

Device monitoring and trending provides real-time monitoring of device health and performance using SNMP KPI’s and threshold alerts. It ensures that devices supporting businesses applications are monitored, maintained and trend conditions are reported on to an agreed SLA. This maximises business service availability and provides the following benefits:

  • Monitoring of contracted devices allows your staff to focus on strategic activities
  • Reduce the risk by having our experts monitor all your business critical systems.
  • Automatic email/text alerting to nominated staff
  • Quarterly Service Reviews
  • Monthly Status Reports.
  • Bespoke configured KPIs, traps and syslog notifications to match customer needs.
  • Provides proactive response to issues reducing downtime.
  • Delivers an expert on hand 24x365 to quickly identify and resolve issues, reducing the business risks.
  • Support for a wide range of security technologies and systems allowing you to outsource areas where you are weak.
  • Make better informed security decisions.
  • Proactive fault analysis, diagnosis and isolation reducing downtime.
  • On site engineer support available should remote diagnosis not fix the issue
code maintenance

Backup Config & Compare

This component ensures the secure, automatic scheduled back up of multi-vendor devices and the real-time monitoring and alerting of change validation. It also assists in ensuring that network and security devices comply with government, industry and internal regulations, while protecting devices from security threats. The key benefits are:

  • Reduces time spent comparing configuration files for changes or differences and improves roll back or contingency planning
  • Provides real-time configuration tracking and change notification whilst allowing for quick restoration to trusted configurations
  • Ensures availability and provides detailed audit trails as tracks all changes

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Vendor Solutions Management

Managing vendor’s security solutions is resource-intensive and requires a high level of expertise to prevent unauthorised access and costly breaches. Devices must be provisioned, deployed, upgraded and patched to keep up with the latest threats. Security policies and configurations must be updated to ensure appropriate access controls are consistent with changing business environments. The Vendor Management component is offered against the following security solutions:

  • Firewalls (currently support are Cisco ASA and Juniper)
  • Remote access and two faction authentication
  • Network devices that support the security architecture (routers and switches)
  • Intrusion Detection systems.
  • Unified Security Management Solutions

The following elements are covered:

  • Device upgrades and patch management
  • Fault Isolation
  • Performance and availability management
  • Device upgrades and patch management
  • Protect systems and data 24 x 365
  • Change management
  • Optimise performance
  • Remove the management and monitoring burden
  • Support compliance initiatives (such as PCI and HMG)
  • Hardware & Software Breakfix

Hardware & Software Break/Fix

Ensures that any supported component is replaced when deemed faulty. In the event of a suspected component failure, CNS Mosaic will conduct fault analysis to investigate and diagnose the faulty component. The benefits of the service are:

  • Validate component fault with Customer and Log Customer fault with CNS NOC
  • CNS NOC will own all communications with support vendor including:
    1. Technical reasons for swap out; ensures speedy replacement.
    2. Arranging suitable times to replacement; ensuring full visibility to replacement activity.
    3. Providing engineer with the last known good configuration; ensure minimal downtime
  • SLA driven
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