Securing business data

Early Warning Service

Cyber Vulnerabilities

One of the challenges faced by businesses is managing the on-going improvement to their security posture. This requires on-going research into emerging threats. 

The Early Warning System (EWS) module combines information from a number of global sources with CNS’s own experience. The service updates customers on new vulnerabilities as they are announced and as part of the BTO (business take on) process CNS audits all devices to be covered so we are aware of versions and patching levels. CNS then compares threat notifications received and compares them to customer architectures.

SC Awards Winner - Best Managed Security Service

Relevancy and criticality is also gauged and if the severity warrants it the following process is adhere to:

  • Informing the customer in a proactive fashion (text, email, voice).
  • Offering advice on countermeasures.
  • Providing consultancy services for any remedial works.
  • If required, raising the appropriate change requests to manage any amendments.
  • Detailed and scheduled reports on notification

The service provides the following benefits:

  • Expert updates and advice allow customers to react to vulnerabilities before compromise occurs.
  • Allows staff to focus on strategic activities.
  • Improved security posture.
  • All alerts delivered using clear reports which can be distributed around the company.

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