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Mosaic PROSECURE - Managed SOC

Mosaic PROSECURE - Managed Security Services

Mosaic PRO-SECURE is a suite of proactive information security management services offering clients’ real time security status visibility and security management information. Services are offered with best of breed technology platforms, subject matter technical expertise and proven best practice operational service delivery processes and presentation of outputs, handling of event incident escalation, forensic investigation of irregular network activity and emergency response to major events impacting clients’ business operations are all covered by this service.

PRO-SECURE Provides a fully managed, 24 x7 cyber security capabilitity that most organisations need in a single console providing management for both compliance and threats.

malware protection

Cyber Security Key Features:

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Security Incident & Event Management

SIEM 2.0, Big Data Analysis, Log Management which ever way cut it, it's about the service.

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secure compliance

Vulnerability & Patch

Make sure you know where you are with you patches and vulnerabilities at all times.

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guard against cyber attacks

Instant Incident

In the event of a breach or incident, speak to the experts.

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code maintenance

Intrusion Detection & Threat Management

Spotting the breaches and preventing the threats.

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secure network

Network Security

CNS Mosaic Managed Services use a Unified Security Management (USM) Platform.

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secure card transaction

Advanced Protective

Whether to meet GPG13 or to ensure your network is being monitored at all time for events and incident.

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Mosaic PROSECURE Summary:

Just some of the components of PROSECURE:

  • System Compromise - e.g. web shell backdoor detected
  • Exploit & Installation – e.g. SQL injection attack against a website
  • Delivery & Attack – e.g. web shell upload attempt
  • Known and Unknown Malware Detection
  • Open Threat Exchange (OTX)
  • Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)
  • Log Collection – Essential for spotting unknown threats.
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