Securing business data

Protective Services

CNS can provide you with the proactive, data protective services that keep you one step ahead of the breach. We provide these services 24x7 because "crime doesn't sleep!" but you need to.

We've got a team of SC Cleared experts available all the time to respond, act and advise in order to minimize the effects of a data security breach or incident.

All Managed Security Services

secure compliance
guard against cyber attacks

Cyber Incident Response

The Computer Emergency Response Team are there for you 24x7 in the event of any incident.

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malware protection

Cyber & Breach Forensics

CNS Group forensic team can be onsite within minutes to assess the impact of a breach.

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code maintenance

Malware Analysis

You might have malware! We'll find it, get rid of it and tell you how it got in.

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secure network

Anti-Phishing & Asset Protection

Protects brand reputation from malicious attack.

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secure compliance

Vulnerability Scanning

External or Internal for PCI ASV or Peace of Mind.

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device mobile security

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