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Managed Security Operations Centre - SOC

CNS Group run two UK based fail-over Security & Network Operating Centres offering outsourced SOC services. Our first opened in 2001 and the second in 2014.

The 24 x 7 facilities are backed up by highly secure and accredited UK based data centres. Whilst CNS Mosaic deploy their own USM platform for a majority of customers we are able to offer SIEM to SIEM and Pro-Active 24x7 Monitoring services to those who might already have a SIEM or other technology platform they require monitoring.

All CNS Mosaic security services are supported through our Managed Security Operations Centre (SOC) and all our support services are delivered from the UK. The CNS Service Desk and management tools underpin all managed and professional service activities and are used by all CNS personnel involved in supporting the client.

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Professional Security Services

All Mosaic PRO-SECURE and COMPLY & SECURE services include a number of professional services, run from our UK SOCs, that underpin the proactive nature of the offerings.


24 x 365 emergency, breach and incident response with on-site SLA’d experts and advice. Irrespective if the emergency is deemed in or out of hours this service is delivered by on call, experienced engineers. Should it be necessary to escalate the incident then it is passed to the on call consultants. Governance, risk and compliance or security architecture consultants are used during the escalation process.


CNS provides specialist information assurance, InfoSec & Solution based consultancy services. Through access to CNS Group specialist teams, customers are able to cover their basic need for expert advice and assistance in meeting Governance, Risk and Compliance, Threat Protection, Threat Mitigation and Solution Management requirements. This enables bridging the gap between IT Security, Information Security and Risk Management.

Mosaic WATCH

Mosaic WATCH is the proactive 24 x 365 service related with the people, processes and technologies involved in providing situational awareness through the detection, containment, and remediation of IT threats.

The element ensures that CNS Secure Operating Centre (SOC) staff has the skills and know-how to properly identify, analyse, communicate action/defend, investigate and report potential cyber-attacks or intrusions. Through formal incident response and escalation they then establish if the threat is real.


The SOC service that relates with the people, processes and technologies involved in providing containment and remediation of IT threats from our manned 24 x 365 Secure Operating Centre. This service element provides the security emergency expertise and “know-how” for:

  • Incident management
  • Breach Management
  • Forensic Investigation
  • Remediation Management
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Advanced Threat & Malware Protection

Threat Detection, vulnerability management, network security monitoring & host intrusion detection.

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Managed PSN

From protective monitoring to remote access and compliance management, our PSN services allow agencies to increase the security of communications over UK administration.

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Incident Response

In the event of a compliance failure, hack or exploit, speak to the experts here at CNS Group for incident response and emergency advisory services.

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Mandatory Requirements

Conforms to best practice detailed in PSN Cabinet office Security Policy Framework, PCI-DSS, ISO27001, CPNI Top20.

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Managed Compliance Services

CNS Mosaic COMPLY&SECURE Service can be tailored to meet and maintain compliance to a number of standards.

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Protective Services

CNS can provide you with the proactive, protective services that keep you one step ahead of the breach.

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