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Click here to access an archive of all of CNS Group's client newsletters. These publications are compiled and distributed on a monthly basis to keep clients abreast of developments across the Group, provide insights into topical issues in Information Assurance and IT Security (InfoSec), as well as details of current developments across the cyber security sector.
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Cyber Security News a CNS Group publication

Cyber Security News is a digital CNS Group publication. Issued weekly, with fresh editions posting to the web each Friday, this online newsletter features all the news from the world of information assurance and IT security worth seeing. Curated by CNS Group, the UK's leading independent Information Assurance and InfoSec consultancy and services provider. 

Cyber Security News by CNS Group, all you need to know from the week's cyber security news cycle.

White Papers & Think Pieces

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Videos & Webinars

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Introducing CNS Group

CNS Group's principals discuss the state of cyber security and articulate the company's role in helping clients meet the challenges of the shifting threat landscape.

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Presentations from The Security Chapter

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