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shutterstock_489453598I have the privilege of meeting and discussing cyber security to a large number of people across a plethora of industries and markets. They all take Cyber security very seriously, all have representation at different degrees at board level, all use a blend of technical and operational controls to protect themselves, all are at varying levels of cyber maturity and all have challenges around, resources, education and budget when dealing with a very dynamic cyber security landscape.

A positive is the want to share between organisations the threats, the breaches and the methods, tools and the gotcha’s of what happened.

However, there is a common theme that I am seeing as we discuss current issues and threats. And that theme is of time.

Time to teach, time to update, time to implement, time review. These time pressures are not new and it’s a common pressure for every organisation and cyber security team.

The new time pressure I am referring to is the time to react. The speed in which in internal breach can take hold and spread, the little time it can take to effectively shut down your organisation.

During a recent discussion, a competitor of our client experienced a cyber breach. In effect a Ransomworm that self-propagated itself.

5 minutes, yep 5 minutes is all it took to render the organisation incapable of operating. And only 90 minutes to render the organisation offline. No communications, no employee productivity, no nothing.

Now, I hear you saying – they should have patched, removed local admin rights, blocked SMBv1, disabled automatic launching of macros etc etc.

Well the impacted organisation had done all that, they themselves had been doing the right things, taken cyber security seriously and were technically stopping common exploits within their organisation.

So what went wrong?

Unsurprisingly, as an organisation you will never be 100% protected against cyber threats. threat actors are operating at the very forefront of the cyber security sphere, always looking for the new. Secondly, not only is you and your organisation reactive to this, you are in effect as fast to protect and mitigate as your slowest employee and as effective as your oldest piece of legacy technology used to support business processes.

Ask yourself this one question, bearing in mind should that happen in my organisation and the first five minutes are critical in identifying and isolating a potential catastrophic breach -

Can you (hand on heart) proclaim that the cyber security incident process is capable of identifying, triaging and proactively protecting the organisation within the first 5 minutes? 

(I might stress the five minute starts at the point of infection and the relies heavily on that user being able to report an incident).

If you have to think about it then the likelihood is your organisation is very unlikely able to respond.

Even more so if you are the centre point or conduit of cyber security decisions or activity!

CNS Group Manged Security Services

CNS Group are specialists in the identification and proactive protection through their Managed Security Services and provide consultancy services to help organisations understand the ever-changing cyber security landscape.

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Author: Mike Carr, Head of Services at CNS Group

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