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  • 04

    Assurance vs Accreditation

    by Giulia Foss
    We’re living in a very fast moving and ever-changing world. A world where cyber security (or the lack of it) is main stream, daily news. Market and technology developments have opened growing opportunities for criminal activity.
  • 26

    Office 365 – The Common Target

    by Giulia Foss
    Over the past month alone the CNS emergency response team have attended a number of incidents that have followed very similar and well known patterns; the culprit being an active and prolonged attack against office 365 based resources, now, this is nothing new and has been a well known avenue of attack for some time.
  • 20

    Staying safe online - What to do in light of the Facebook scandal...

    by Giulia Foss
    The news is now widespread, more than 50 million Facebook user’s data has been accessed and allegedly misused by Cambridge Analytica.
  • 14

    Pen Testing Everyday Will Keep The Hackers At Bay…

    by Giulia Foss
    It will come as no surprise that in the current climate, organisations across the board are facing on-going and persistent threats to their IT systems. The news over the past year has been awash with stories of some of our largest companies and institutions being attacked and the statistics gathered on cyber-crime are concerning to say the least.
  • 22

    The journey to compliance: What does GDPR mean if you operate within the travel sector?

    by Giulia Foss
    The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into effect and be enforceable from 25th May 2018, and the enhanced data protection regulation contained within it could have far reaching implications for UK businesses, particularly those in the travel sector.

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