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    POODLE Update: F5 and A10 devices found vulnerable

    by User Not Found
    It appears that some F5 and A10 devices (e.g. load balancers) don't properly implement TLS, leading to the POODLE vulnerability being exploitable on these devices, despite the fact it is only supposed to affect SSL.
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    Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on SONY?

    by User Not Found
    Well it appears history is repeating itself again for cyber security poor, global giant SONY. The corporation is once again making the news due to hacking breaches which have compromised vast pools of sensitive data from passwords to financial figures.
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    ShellShock FAQ

    by User Not Found
    A new vulnerability has been found, and has been unofficially named "ShellShock" by a number of security researchers.
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    Bugs in Heartbleed detection scripts.

    by Shannon Simpson
    Nessus, Metasploit, Nmap, and others have released methods for detecting whether your systems are affected by the heartbleed OpenSSL vulnerability. The problem is, most of them have bugs themselves which lead to false negatives results, that is, a result which says a system is not vulnerable when in reality it is.
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    SSL / TLS - Ugly Truth

    by Shannon Simpson
    The ugly truth about SSL/TLS is that even with lots of clever cryptography being used, the current system we have for validating trust is based on often unknown third parties, with a single point of failure.

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