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Half a Decade of Improving Security and compliance; North Wales Police celebrates 5 year partnership with CNS.


Many of the UK’s Police Forces manage the ongoing demands of their growing technology systems with stretched internal IT resources. Whilst this approach can have its benefits, it can prove difficult for a Force to keep up-to-date with emerging technologies and to respond rapidly to the latest NPIA and CESG directives.

North Wales Police has taken a different approach since 2004; outsourcing the management of its Secure Network Perimeter to CNS and freeing up time and resources to concentrate on core police work. The Force can take advantage of this consultative method; benefiting from independent advice, a flexible and skilled workforce and a cost-effective process.

“Security is a very specialised discipline and we needed be sure that the company we chose understood our requirements and was able to suggest relevant security options.  

That CNS could focus on our organisational needs and apply suitable solutions was key to the success of the project. We see the effective implementation of new technologies as critical to policing in the 21st century.” 
Head of ICT, North Wales Police



Over the last five years, CNS’s role has grown from that of a trusted network partner into a strategic ally, providing an instrumental and high-profile service for North Wales Police.

As a CESG CHECK and CLAS consultancy, CNS has the necessary experience and accreditation to understand and implement government regulation, whilst bringing extensive knowledge of business efficiency to its work. Thus, CNS enables North Wales Police to comply national police policies and initiatives. It also means that the Police Force can call upon a pool of independent specialists.

 CNS provides a fully managed service for North Wales Police, providing advice, consultancy and 24/7 support. Activity includes; security perimeter monitoring, 3rd party access control, regular audits, threat alerting & risk profiling.



CNS provides North Wales Police with critical technical services, such as:

  • 24 x7 monitoring of Secure Network Perimeter and remote access activity. This makes it possible for North Wales Police to forge ahead with innovative policing strategies such as Mobile Data and Agile Working.
  • Tight ITIL compliant change management processes, applied on all devices. This level of technology offers the best possible assurance that the Force’s networks are protected from external threat.
  • Government Alerting services (CPNI & CSIRTUK). This allows CNS to provide an early warning system for potential vulnerabilities and zero day attacks.


During the last five years CNS has not experienced a single breach of the security service. The company currently monitors up to 2,000 alert profiles a day on devices that provide critical policing services to the Force and has ensured that the Force maintains its compliance with the Code of Connection for the Police National Network.

Through this consultative approach, CNS provides North Wales Police with a 24/7 security service for the entire network. It is estimated that to provide a similar service internally would need up to 6 FTEs.

CNS has worked with the NWP Information Management Group and CIO Department to develop a progressive and transparent web content solution that ensures appropriate web and email usage and has also enabled North Wales Police to remain at the cutting edge of NPIA accepted technology.



Since 2004, North Wales Police and CNS have together successfully developed this consultative network management service. Today, the Force has an accredited and independent third party to monitor the ever-changing IT risks which police forces face and provide an open conduit to evolving government directives, giving North Wales Police the assurance to focus on core policing work.

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