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The Barbican - Managed Security

Case Study: The Barbican

The Barbican relies on impressive Managed Security Services from CNS Mosaic

Client Overview

The Barbican is Europe's largest multi-arts and conference venue presenting a diverse range of art, music, theatre, dance, film and creative learning events. It is also home to the London Symphony Orchestra. The challenge is to maintain the availability and integrity of the network, web and online booking applications. Located in the heart of the City of London, The Barbican are Europe’s leading arts and media centre with a strong online presence that can process thousands of transactions every day. The centre focuses on the Arts (Dance, Theatre, Music and Film) and hosts conferences, exhibitions and banquets. A key priority is to create a first class visitor and customer experience.

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“If I were asked by another company, with similar IT and Security issues, which company to use as a managed security provider, I would have no hesitation in recommending CNS. I’m impressed by their overall professionalism.”

Dominic Smith,
IT Manager,
The Barbican

The Challenge

Network security is extremely important to The Barbican and its customers. The need is to deliver a secure infrastructure to maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of its core systems. These include the web site which contains online booking applications and as such high availability and protection from attack is critical. Providing access to customer online services has to be delivered by achieving a balance between ease-of-use and appropriate security, whilst ensuring a quality service is delivered to all customers. Also, The Barbican needs to ensure an efficient IT operation and leverage every penny from the IT budget and focus on priority business improvements.
  • Maintaining the availability of customer focused business services
  • 24x7 management of complex and changing environment
  • Reducing IT support costs and increasing responsiveness
  • Core infrastructure resilience and vulnerability
  • Ticketing and reporting of all infrastructure events

The Solution

The solution deployed by the CNS Managed Services team was management and monitoring of key infrastructure network and security components, supported by Professional Services determining the optimum design for the network. CNS consultants recommended the hardware, designed and deployed the solution and handed the project onto the CNS Managed Services team. Firewall and network devices are monitored 24x7 by the CNS Service Desk, events are automatically ticketed and The Barbican is informed on all events, backed by strict Service Level Agreements. The managed service is supported by quarterly service reviews and online reports detailing all events. Additional services also delivered include 24x7 support and Change Management services along with a quarterly onsite inspection, component patch management and check of device performance and operation.

Professional Services
Design and build of firewalls and core infrastructure 
Managed Services
Managed Firewall and IPS
Change Management
Fault Management
Planned Preventative Maintenance

CNS Mosaic TOTAL SECURE is able to offer business continuity and cost savings beyond that of traditional stand-alone auditing tools and other complex SIEM appliances, plus deliver intelligence for on-going compliance and protection against threats.

TOTAL SECURE Managed Services are fully supported by CNS Group’s highly accredited understanding of regulatory mandate and security best practice acts.  Our clients will receive a much extended level of benefit along with the extra level of IT assurance offered by qualified consultants. 

Key Business Benefits

CNS’s ability to integrate the Professional Services with the Managed Service has delivered a cost effective monitored and managed solution with improved network stability. “I am always keen to get value for money from any supplier, and I have always received 200 per cent effort from CNS. They have been very successful in inspiring me with confidence about their company, by ensuring that the service they supply to The Barbican is always of the highest calibre,” commented Dominic Smith, IT Manager, Barbican. The solution has delivered excellent benefits to The Barbican, reducing the costs of supporting the infrastructure and delivering rapid and knowledgeable on demand support 24 x 7. This has led to better deployment of IT resources and given the business confidence in the IT services.

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