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Penetration Testing Training

  • Dates: 28 – 28 Nov, 2019
  • Location: London, E1W 1AZ, United Kingdom
  • Address: Commodity Quay, St. Katharine Docks
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What are Penetration Testing training sessions?

We hold exclusive training sessions around the techniques used when performing a penetration test. These dedicated sessions help IT Managers, IT Directors and CISOs understand exactly how an organisation can fall victim to cyber-attacks.

The pentest training sessions are by invitation only and are intended to help organisations gain a baseline of knowledge around cyber security issues. Organisations can use the knowledge shared in these sessions to perform basic IT security checks in-house, both making them more secure and improving the efficiency of the Pen Testers they employ, by freeing the experts to focus on more complex IT security issues.

Who are the trainers?

The Trainers all have 10 years’ experience in the industry with CHECK and CREST qualifications and will be demonstrating a multitude of techniques.

If you'd like to request an invitation to the upcoming Penetration Testing training session, please submit your details on the form at the bottom 

How does it work?

CNS provide participants with testing laptops that have been given access to a web application. The web application presents a number of questions and to secure the answers participants must perform pen testing activities on systems in CNS' virtual lab.

Members of the CNS testing team are on hand throughout the sessions to facilitate, from showing participants how to get started to supporting them as they actually conduct the testing.

The details...

Session dates:

The next session will take place on 28th November 2019:

Register your interest and we will be in touch to confirm your place on our next session.


  • AM session: 10.00 - 13.00

  • PM session: 14.00 - 17.00.

Spaces are limited and sessions are by invitation only. Please note, registering your interest does not guarantee a place 

Address: Six Degrees Commodity Quay, St. Katharine Docks. London E1W 1AZ

A short walk from Tower Hill underground station Click here for a map

What sort of things will I learn?

  • How to position penetration testing

  • Check for default passwords and accounts

  • Identify and vulnerability map hosts

  • Map the network

  • Check for Default settings

  • Basic pen testing skills

What level of skill do I require?

CNS adapt the course to participants’ individual skill levels. It can be as technical or basic as is appropriate for each participant.

What do I need to bring?

Nothing, CNS provides the testing laptops. 

Dress code?

The dress code is casual, so no need to wear a suit.
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