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News: CNS Group is Addressing Cyber Security Skills Gap

by Jess Tanner | 10 Feb 2017
There are countless reports, studies, metrics and the like, that suggest there are more opportunities for cyber security professionals than there are skilled professionals to fill them. CNS Group, a government accredited consultancy, helping UK organisations of all sizes build cyber security capabilities and maintain compliance through practical consulting and managed services, is no stranger to the challenges of recruitment. 

"Ensuring the right calibre of individuals in the right roles is fundamental to our delivery of high quality cyber security services." said Mike Carr, Head of Services, CNS Group, "Cyber security is a rapidly changing landscape. At CNS we recognise that not only do we, as a company, need highly skilled professionals, but we also need to help to educate the cyber security professionals of the future." 

Partnering with to deliver the classroom-based modules of the apprenticeship, CNS Group is combining theoretical learning with real-life experience, to give future cyber security professionals the best possible start.

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