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CYBERUK survey reveals that 43% of public sector organisations are not prepared for a security breach

by Jess Tanner | 28 Mar 2017

At CYBERUK 2017, which took place earlier this month in Liverpool, CNS Group conducted a survey looking at the preparedness of public sector organisations to deal with security breaches.

The survey raises concerns over how prepared public sector organisations are when it comes to dealing with a cyber security incident. Forty-three percent of respondents believed public sector organisations were either somewhat unprepared or very unprepared for a cyber security incident. This perceived level of unpreparedness raises serious concerns over the sector’s ability to confidently keep data secure.

When asked which public sector organisation faces the biggest challenge in protecting their data, the results were; NHS (46 percent), central government (28 percent), local government (14 percent) and emergency services (one percent), with eleven percent choosing other – of which half chose ‘all of the above’. CNS Group’s specialised public sector cyber security services help all organisations within the sector and have worked with healthcare, police, local councils and central government to improve their security posture.

The survey also asked public sector IT Security professionals what they believed to be the largest cyber security risk facing public sector organisations. The results showed insider threats, external threats and resourcing are believed to be the three biggest risks:

  • 30 percent: Insider threats

  • 21 percent: External threats

  • 18 percent: Resourcing

  • 14 percent: Compliance

  • 9 percent: Cloud

  • 7 percent: Other

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