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Whitepaper: Cyber Security Maturity: What is it?

by Kevin Dowd | 01 Jun 2017

What is Cyber Security Maturity?

Definition: The effectiveness of an organisation's processes in supporting its cyber security defences as the business operates and transforms. The ability to make decisions about cyber security in a way that considers all relevant factors and options - including the changing landscape - and supports continuous improvement.


Cyber security is a discipline that is still finding its place in many organisations. More so than many other aspects of company operations, cyber security is an area that can function well when the spotlight is on it, but equally can be left to operate in the shade
for extended periods. Given that cyber security is a discipline that needs consistent, repeatable, continuous action to be effective, this is obviously less than ideal.

It is not overstating the case to say that without effective management and improvement of Cyber Security Maturity, it will not be possible for organisation – or indeed nation states – to meet the growing cyber security threat. A change is required in the way that we manage our cyber defences, and cyber security maturity offers an effective way to manage that change.

Our latest paper explores the meaning of Cyber Security Maturity, and the reasons why it's crucial organisations seek to continuously improve upon their maturity in order to deal with the changing threats.

Read the full paper here: 'Cyber Security Maturity: What is it?'

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