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CNS Group Chairman speaks on GDPR at GTMC’s Domestic Conference ‘ All Change’

by Giulia Foss | 10 Nov 2017

shutterstock_52392320810 November 2017 – CNS Group, one of the country’s leading cyber security service providers delivering services into government and the private sector, was recently invited to speak at the GTMC’s Domestic Conference, a key event in the business travel industry calendar.

With almost 180 attendees, the GTMC Conference entitled ‘All Change’ tackled many of the overarching issues that impact organisations, as well as individuals operating within the travel industry. With speakers from across the board including, British Airways, Great Western Railway and even Steve Richards, presenter of Radio 4’s Week in Westminster, the event covered a wide range of topics. One major area of interest was the new GDPR legislation and how it applies to travel industry operators. With a complex supply chain and huge swathes of data moving between different functions, travel is one of the industries where there is a need for clarity on GDPR.

Kevin Dowd, renowned cyber security expert and chairman of CNS Group addressed the ‘All Change’ crowd with a detailed presentation on GDPR, followed by a panel session with a leading lawyer from Travlaw and Nick Gibbs, of Norad Travel, also a GTMC Board Member.  

Dowd’s personal experience of implementing GDPR, ISO27001, PCI and many other frameworks within some of the world’s biggest travel companies allowed him to provide a unique insight at the event, honing in on the practical application of GDPR and explaining it in a digestible manner.

Dowd took attendees through the process at a high level focusing on:

  • The purpose of the GDPR legislation
  • What data the legislation applies to and how specifically this affects the travel industry
  • The principles of GDPR
  • The scope of GDPR in relation to the travel industry
  • How other companies are implementing GDPR successfully

CNS Chairman Kevin Dowd said ‘We work with a number of companies that operate within the travel industry, particularly around compliance. What we tend to find is that with many of these standards, the interpretation can be tough. The travel industry is also an anomaly in a respect, when you look at the complexity of the supply chains and therefore the transfer and storing of data, it’s very hard to get clarity on how GDPR should be applied. If you can’t define the boundaries and scope of these frameworks in relation to your organisation, then it’s very difficult to apply them and that can become costly. The point that I want to get across about GDPR, is that it’s not something to fear, it’s about being pragmatic and applying common sense. That’s how we tackle it with our clients, and it’s this kind of approach that always ensures the best results’

The GTMC is the only representative body for Travel Management Companies (TMCs) and the business travel community in the UK. Its members range from the world’s largest TMC groups through to specialist businesses. In addition, it also works with a number of industry partners representing airlines, GDSs, car-hire, hotel, rail and technology operators to support greater opportunities to network across the travel industry. With direct access to the views of more than 30,000 business travellers, the GTMC plays a critical role within the industry. Its yearly domestic conference provides a forum where operators can come together in a collaborative way and plan for and discuss the future of the industry collectively based on their extensive knowledge and experience.

Adrian Parkes, CEO of the GTMC commented ‘ We tackled a number of different issues and trends under the title of ‘All Change’ at this year’s Domestic Conference. As an industry, business travel is impacted by the various political and economic events going on around us, as well as legislative changes like GDPR. It is our role to ensure our members have access to expert insight, support and guidance around any such legislative transitions and our annual conference was the ideal place to address the topic with the help of CNS.’

The GTMC holds a number of events globally throughout the year as well as Strategy Group  meetings for key member organisations.

About CNS Group

CNS are an entirely UK based company of Cyber Security Specialists, who have been operating within the Public and Private sectors for nearly 20 years, providing advisory, testing and security solutions, meeting multiple standards of accreditation and providing dedicated government accredited Cyber Security services. CNS Group exists so that our clients don't have to worry about the security of their data. We do this by knowing how to worry about it for them.

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About GTMC

The GTMC is the UK's leading professional body for travel management companies. The diverse membership accounts for over 80% of UK expenditure on managed business travel, delivering value for money and great service to business travellers in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

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