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CNS Group Launch Aegis Cyber Security Maturity Service to Reduce Security Risk and Cyber Spend Over Three Years

by Giulia Foss | 22 Nov 2017

CNS Group Launch Aegis Cyber Security Maturity Service to Reduce Security Risk and Cyber Spend Over Three Years

Research reveals almost eighty percent of organisations are not optimised for cyber security maturity, raising security concerns and cost implications

LONDON, UK – November 22, 2017 – CNS Group, an independent UK cyber security consultancy, has today announced the launch of Aegis, a comprehensive cyber security maturity (CSM) service. The service aims to provide a concise and contextual reporting mechanism for cyber security to the board and other stakeholders. By expediting visibility to CSM, organisations of all sizes can more accurately analyse return on investment from cyber security spend and eradicate unpredictable and ineffective spending.

Recent research raises concerns about the confidence of IT security professionals in their CSM capabilities. CSM is the effectiveness of an organisation to make cyber security decisions, in a way that considers all relevant factors, on a changing technology and threat landscape; the ability to continuously improve defences whilst the business operates and transforms. Only 22 percent of IT security professionals surveyed believed their CSM level to be optimised. Almost 20 percent stated their level of maturity as non-existent, ad-hoc or didn’t know.

In order to help organisations improve their CSM and provide intelligent and continuous feedback for improvement, CNS Group has established the Aegis pgrogramme. The CSM transformation programme incorporates a proprietary benchmarking tool, active dashboard and consultancy services. Aegis is a simple and effective way for organisation’s to constantly evaluate internal security tools and processes as well as behaviours, events and evolving threats. The intelligence gathered enables organisations to transform the quality and value of short, medium and long-term cyber security planning and decision making.

“The definition of Aegis is the power to protect, control, or support something or someone. With the significant increase in cyber security incidents and spending, it’s imperative that organisations take more control of their cyber security reporting and decision making,” said Shannon Simpson, CEO, CNS Group. “By organising and prioritising future cyber security spend and identifying the greatest threats, organisations can reduce overall cyber security spend over a three year period.”

The benefits of establishing CSM were identified in the survey as follows: clearer ROI on security spend (seven percent), prioritising security spend (eight percent), cost savings (eight percent), greater control and visibility (16 percent), achieving and maintaining compliance (27 percent) and 33 percent identified these all as benefits of CSM.

About CNS Group

As a government accredited company, we help UK organisations of all sizes build cybersecurity capabilities and maintain compliance through practical consulting and managed services. To find out more about CNS Group’s Aegis Service, click here.

Research Methodology

All figures, unless otherwise stated, are from research carried out at Infosecurity Europe 2017. Total sample size was 172 IT security professionals. Fieldwork was undertaken from 6 – 8 June 2017. The survey was carried out face to face.


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