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    Whitepaper: GDPR - Keep your data close and your critical data closer

    In order to comply with existing and emerging data protection legislation, UK organisations of all sizes need to know where in the world their data is stored and managed when they choose to use cloud services, applications and back up. If comprehensive questions about data sovereignty are not already part of your data governance strategy – they should be.
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    White Paper: Three Reasons to Consider Managed Security Services

    CNS Group's latest paper examines the ever evolving threat landscape and how implementing a Managed Security Service can provide organisations with more confidence when it comes to cyber security, compliance and the return on investment.
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    What are the issues, challenges and developments within cyber security...

    CNS expert Robert Sugrue, shares his thoughts on the issues, challenges and developments within cyber security...
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    The ultimate recipe for GDPR compliance...

    GDPR is fast approaching, with the 25th of May looming the conversation around the legislation is really ramping up! It seems you can't open your email inbox, surf the internet, or even have a relaxed conversation without the mention of GDPR. And with all this information flying around, it feels like every angle of GDPR has been covered
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    Carphone Warehouse fined for 'distinct and significant inadequacies' in their cyber security provisions

    Carphone Warehouse are the latest company to be fined for a significant data breach. The £400,000 fine was issued as a result of millions of customer's data being accessed by hackers. However, the most significant thing about this case,was revelation of the many failures that led up to the breach.

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