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    The ultimate recipe for GDPR compliance...

    GDPR is fast approaching, with the 25th of May looming the conversation around the legislation is really ramping up! It seems you can't open your email inbox, surf the internet, or even have a relaxed conversation without the mention of GDPR. And with all this information flying around, it feels like every angle of GDPR has been covered
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    Carphone Warehouse fined for 'distinct and significant inadequacies' in their cyber security provisions

    Carphone Warehouse are the latest company to be fined for a significant data breach. The £400,000 fine was issued as a result of millions of customer's data being accessed by hackers. However, the most significant thing about this case,was revelation of the many failures that led up to the breach.
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    The Meltdown & Spectre Overview - What you should know...

    Most readers will have heard about the recent discovery of some quite worrying and problematic vulnerabilities relating to how the vast majority of systems separate and isolate sensitive data. As is usual in today's age of vulnerability discovery you can often gauge how critical or serious the flaws are believed to be by checking two factors; does the vulnerability have its very own web site? and has it be given a cool name and logo?
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    Time To Grow Up: Why Cybersecurity Maturity Is Crucial For Organisations

    A true analysis of cybersecurity can show organisations where they are at risk and measure the return on investment of cybersecurity spending
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    CNS Security Consultant Geoff Bradley Achieves ISO 27001 Lead Auditor Status

    Geoff Bradley, Principal Information Assurance Consultant at CNS Group, has recently passed his ISO 27001 Lead Auditor course, adding further to the cyber security consultancy’s capabilities.

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