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    The Equifax breach - CNS Cyber Security guru Chris Leppard speaks on what really went wrong...

    What Equifax highlights is the fallibility of people – for as long as people are involved in IT security (or just generally involved in companies), there will be weaknesses.
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    How Equifax suffered one of the biggest cyber breaches in history

    The Equifax breach has not simply been the talk of the cyber security community, it’s been discussed globally across multiple forums, hitting multiple headlines and ultimately affecting millions of people. The breach is purported to be one of the biggest and worst in history with more than 143 million US customers and over 400,000 UK customer’s data hacked. With the sheer magnitude of this attack, it stands to reason that the attention it has gained has been seismic. The question is, what went wrong and how could a company of such epic proportions, suffer such an epic failure?
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    Whitepaper: Best Practices for Developing a Cyber Security Playbook

    The majority of organisations plan for fires, floods, and other incident that impact business resilience and careful planning for a cyber security incident shouldn’t be any different. Developing a Cyber Security Playbook, or Security Playbook, is one way to ensure all members of an organisation have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities regarding cyber security – before, during and after a security incident.
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    CNS Group ‘end of summer’ Cyber Security Chapter, celebrates record year for company & cyber security at large

    CNS Group, one of the country’s leading cyber security consultancies delivering managed security services, compliance and governance services, testing services and cyber security maturity road-maps and realisation into government and the private sector, have today announced they will be hosting an exclusive Security Chapter in September.
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    UK firms could face fines of up to £17million or more if they do not put in place viable cyber-security measures

    In the face of rising cyber-attacks, the UK government are now looking to take serious measures against organisations that are not making a concerted effort to tighten up their cyber security.

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