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Thought Leadership from CNS Group in the form of Think Pieces and White Papers.

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    How a Global Asset Management Firm mitigated the Risk of Cyber Threats with CNS Group’s Managed Security Services

    Case Study: How a Global Asset Management Firm mitigated the Risk of Cyber Threats with CNS Group’s Managed Security Services
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    Coming of age: how organisations achieve security maturity

    When it comes to security, organisations have had a lot of growing up to do. Facing up to the volume and complexity of today’s cyber-threats requires a level of maturity that is achievable only when you understand not just the world around you but yourself. As Kevin Down, chairman of the CNS Group, explains in this interview, organisations have a lot to gain from determining their degree of maturity when it comes to information security, with benefits for everyone from those working at the operational level right up to the board.
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    Dixons Carphone admits to massive data breach - 5.9 million payment card details.

    The latest and indeed one of the biggest data breaches to hit a UK company has been revealed. Dixons Carphone, has admitted that a breach involving 5.9 million payment cards and 1.2 million personal data records took place last year.
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    The ultimate recipe for GDPR compliance...

    GDPR is and has been the hot topic of this year, it seems you can't open your email inbox, surf the internet or even have a conversation without the mention of GDPR. And with all this information flying around, it feels like every angle of GDPR has been covered.
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    Remote & Mobile Working: Security Procedures for Out of Office

    All large professional services organisations have considered remote working for their teams. You might be a large law firm offering one day a week working from home, or a finance house with a client-facing team that’s on the move. Maybe you’re an HR Director who’s noticed how few people are in the office at any one time. Rather than maintaining a desk each, couldn’t you reduce office costs by downsizing to hot-desking and remote working?

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