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Whitepaper: Cyber Security Maturity - Driving Clarity from Complexity

by Shannon Simpson | Mar 01, 2017
CNS Group's latest paper looks at the main challenges affecting today's CISOs and how investing in Cyber Security Maturity can help develop an organisation's security capabilities.
Our latest paper explores Cyber Security Maturity (CSM) and why it's crucial for organisations to invest in their CSM. 

CISO Challenges
It is increasingly challenging for CISOs to understand and share precisely what is happening across their estate at all times. To support business change or use demands, organisations have evolved highly sophisticated, interconnected infrastructures - often made up of disparate private, semi-private and public networks; some of which are internally owned and some run by third parties.

Lack of control
This growing lack of control and visibility matters because it directly impacts how informed and prepared an organisation is to deal with either attempted or successful attacks. If a CISO wants to have an informed business conversation with their executives about risk, they need the same level of confidence in their presentation of cyber performance data and reporting as the finance director would have in the
numbers they bring to the board. Organisations that invest in creating a concise and accurate view of their cyber security state and can communicate this clearly with the rest of the business, see the benefits in terms of confidence and more informed, collaborative decision making around the value of cyber investment.

At CNS Group, we have seen the positive impact of this transformation in Cyber Security Maturity (CSM) demonstrated through better targeted investment, more robust compliance and effective allocation of resources. To speak to one of our experts, click here.

To read the full paper, click here

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