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Introducing CNS Group

"We can support you every step of the way from assessing your risk levels and compliance status through to building risk appropriate tailored controls. We can even provide for the complete outsourcing of all of your information security and compliance needs through our SOC" - Kevin Dowd, CNS Group Chairman.


An Introduction to CNS Group

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Case Study Videos

In our Case Study videos, clients discuss why they chose CNS Group for their Cyber Security requirements, including Dynamic Penetration Testing and Managed Security Services.

Case Study: Managed Security Services

Tim Collinson from Bird & Bird discusses why he chose CNS

Case Study: Dynamic Penetration Testing

Tim Collinson from Bird & Bird discusses why he chose CNS

Case Study: Sungard Availability Services

CNS Group managed security services interviews Dr Sandra Bell of Sungard Availability Services.

Security Advisor: ICO on data sovereignty

Garreth Cameron, Group Manager, Business and Industry, Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), explores the growing importance of data ...

Discussions and Webinars

CNS Group Webinars and demonstrations discuss key industry trends and showcase our IT Security Service capabilities.

Is there a drive towards anonymous transactions?

CNS Group the security chapter. The panel discusses whether there is there a drive towards anonymous transactions....
CNS Group Security Advisory Services panel discusses the possibility of a full delegation of information with the ...

CNS Group Monitored Attack Demo

This demonstration shows, from high level, simple cyber attack techniques being monitored and analysed by the CNS ...
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