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Three Reasons To Consider Managed Security Services

How can Managed Security Services solve your cyber security problem?

Understanding the ever evolving threat landscape is crucial to protecting business data. With the growing sophistication and determination of hackers and an increasingly shallow IT security talent pool, businesses must start looking outside of their own IT departments to mitigate the security risk – this is where Managed Security Services (MSS) can help.

Why should you consider MSS?

1. Delivering speed on value:An in-house security operations centre can take a long time and be costly for businesses. Speed to value is just one reason why an increasing number of organisations of all sizes are exploring MSS.

2. Trusted cyber intelligence:Most organisations don’t have the infrastructure or resources to stay ahead of attackers. MSS can put data in context for your business, with an effective 24/7/365 focus.

3. Continuous compliance:Formulating the increasing number of compliance audits is an arduous and complex task. MSS providers offer a continuous compliance service and can offer best practice advice and guidance to businesses.

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“We’ve been very pleased with the improvements that CNS Group has brought to Tower Hamlets. The managed services have been excellent value for money. By taking advantage of the CNS services we have been able to enhance our responsiveness to compliance events and there is greater trust between ICT and our Security team.”
IT Project Manager, London Borough of Tower Hamlets