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Penetration Testing

Our penetration testers are some of the most revered in the industry and are at the forefront of new testing techniques.

Dynamic Penetration Testing

CNS Next Generation Penetration Testing combines and enhances all the positives of Manual Penetration Testing and Automated Vulnerability Scanning, eliminates any of the negatives of both then layers effective remediation management (facilitated by the CNS Risk Profiling Algorithm) over the top.

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Our Services Include:

Penetration Testing

External, Internal, Wireless, Web Application, Mobile, Remote Access, Scenario based, Risk based, etc... We it do every form of penetration testing.

Penetration Testing

Security Advisory

CNS' position as a leading industry expert means we can advise you in many facets: research, training, intelligence, academia, threat, SDLC, product...

Security Advisory

Protective Services

Some say "they're going to get you one way or another" but there's a lot of things you could do the prevent the inevitable from happening to your organisation...

Protective Services

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Continuous Security Testing

Our Continuous Testing Service has been designed to help clients manage risk in a dynamic and more efficient manner than regular penetration testing.

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External Penetration Testing

At CNS we're experts in performing and managing external penetration testing on behalf of our clients.

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Internal Penetration Testing

Internal penetration tests are designed to emulate the risk of an attacker who has penetrated the network defences.

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Mobile Application Testing

It is vital that smart phones and tablets belonging to organisation members handle and use data in a secure and sensible fashion.

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Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition

At CNS, we can ensure that your organisation's ICS / SCADA infrastructure implements security control methods.

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Application Testing

Access to some key systems, and most importantly data is available to a large number of users .

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