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Dynamic Penetration Testing

Dynamic Penetration Testing

CNS Dynamic Penetration Testing combines and enhances all the positives of Manual Penetration Testing and Automated Vulnerability Scanning, eliminates any of the negatives of both then layers effective remediation management (facilitated by the CNS Risk Profiling Algorithm) over the top. The service is an on-going Dynamic service that provides compelling perimeter monitoring using our Continuous Testing Services.


Case Study: Dynamic Penetration Testing

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DPT is about giving the client context for the risks associated to the vulnerabilities found either individually, collectively or specifically to a host, data set or system. Using the CNS Risk Profiling Algorithm, customer-centric risk factors, industry information and the CNS Cyber Intelligence Network we are able to identify and prioritise where the clients precious resources should be sent in order to get maximum risk reduction for minimum effort.

Common Issues solved by Dynamic Penetration Testing

  • Issues & vulnerabilities repeat every year
  • Resolved issues reappear every year
  • In remediation there is a clear disconnection between Application and Server Team - e.g Server Builds
  • Reports identify too many issues - remediation time is spent chasing relatively low level risks, not dealing with the root cause.
  • Tests/ Scans are not a realistic attack - its not what hackers would do.

More Issues

  • Reports provide an objective view of the risks, value of data and assets. It is Pen Tester Centric not the client view. 
  • Customer has limited resources which need to be spent in the most efficient manner.
  • Current test reports individual vulnerabilities and doesn't group or categorise them.
  • Often it takes 12 months (with change cycles) to fix things.
  • Lots of things changing all the time - vulnerabilities, Network, Apps, IP ranges etc.
  • New vulnerabilities are found in each test so effectively the results be dramatically out of date very quickly.
  • Reports are about individual vulnerabilities not overall risk
  • Risk is about something bad happening, not a technical issue.

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