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Secure SDLC

Evaluating security at the end of the development cycle, prior to launch, is inefficient. By the time the application has been deployed fixing the issues is dramatically more expensive and time consuming.

It is vital that security is baked into the product before the developers have even started to code. By implementing a SecureSDLC (Secure Development Life Cycle), security issues can be considered, evaluated and resolved when it is cheap and simple to do so.

security monitoring meeting

SecureSDLC Process

CNS can help by providing security experts to mentor and if necessary run the SDLC. Our testers have all developed applications and understand both the technology and the business constraints. The SDLC Service can range from occasional briefings to attending every weekly meeting for a project, to ensure security issues are resolved before they become problematic.

The process starts with definitions and designed to ensure that end to end security is baked into all products and service offered by customers of these services. The services are a combination of proven methodology, technical excellence, sound process and cutting edge ingenuity. 


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